The Pintester Movement

I think by now everyone, and their mother, has heard of Pinterest, so I won’t go into detail about what it is.  A few months ago I was cruising around on Pinterest and I came across “The Pintester”.  Since then, I have thoroughly been enjoying her blogs.  She takes popular “pins” on Pinterest and tests them out.  Most of the time it’s a major fail, and we all get to have a good laugh, at her expense.  Thank-you, Pintester, for bringing on the LOL’s.  Keep ’em coming!

The Pintester has welcomed anyone who wishes to join her in The Pintester Movement, where we all get to test out a pin from Pinterest, post it in a mega blog, so we can all laugh with each other at our many fails, and successes.  This should be fun.

Sonya, thanks so much for letting us all in on the fun.  Maybe this can become a regular thing?!

Here is the link to The Pintester Movement:

I actually tested a very popular pin on Pinterest a few of months ago.  It was the one where you start a lemon plant from lemon seeds.  If you haven’t seen it on Pinterest, you are probably living under a rock.

Lemon Plant

Original post courtesy of://          The blog has since been removed, so if you know of the person who blogged this please let me know so I can give credit.

Okay, so thanks to Pinterest I have tried many new things.  Honestly, most of the things I’ve tried have been food items.  I tend to be somewhat of an over-achiever when it comes it cooking, so I chose to do something I’m not as good at; gardening.  Over the winter I found tons of pins about starting plants, from seeds, under grow lights.  As I was on my quest to grow plants for my garden, I came across this lemon plant.  It looks very easy to do, only there was no formal instructions, just pictures.  I figured since I’m well past the age of 5, I should have success following the simple pictured instructions, after all I do have my fair share of Ikea items and am no stranger to following that type of instruction.

I gathered my things:  a pot, dirt, and seeds.  Upon further investigation, I found out that the roots of lemon plants like to grow deep, so a deep pot is favourable.  Also, in the pictures it shows about 150 seeds, planted.  I’m sorry, but I am not going to spend a small fortune on lemons just for a pin.  I had 3 lemons in my fridge, so I cut them all open and used the seeds that didn’t get sliced from said cutting.  If memory serves me correctly I probably had about 10-15 seeds.  I put some small stones in the bottom of the pot, for drainage, and I filled my pot with a general potting mix.  The seeds have to stay moist until you plant them, so I just put them in a little dish of water.  I planted the seeds, and covered them with dirt.  I really liked how they put the cute little rocks on top, so I went to Michaels and bought a bag, a small bag, for like $8.  That was a rip off, but at least I had a coupon for 40% off.

I left that pot under the grow lights for what seemed like months.  Truthfully, it was probably around 3 weeks.  Nothing sprouted, and I had convinced myself that it was either because I was a complete idiot who couldn’t even follow picture instructions, or that it was because I didn’t buy organic lemons.  So I moved the pot off to the side and chalked it up to a fail.  Then, much to my delight, at around the 8 week mark, just as I was about to throw it in the garbage, I saw a tiny sprout.   And then they just started popping up, one after and another.

So, what I thought was a major fail, turned into a major win.

Here is what it looks like now…

Lemon Plant

Not too bad at all.




There is only one thing to do with ripe bananas…

Hope everyone is having a splendid weekend.

I decided yesterday that I should do something with the very ripe bananas that were sitting on my counter.  Banana muffins are always a hit in my house, no matter what is in them.  I know there is a plethora of banana muffin recipes out there, but I will say mine are the best.  I’ve seen many recipes that contain fancy flours (celiacs should, of course, use flours that are safe for consumption), butter, milks, and whatever else people can find in order to make their banana muffins better that the next persons, but I truly believe, in this case, that less is more.

The recipe that follows is for my basic banana muffin recipe.  Since I have four children, my banana muffins often contain some kind of “chip”, whether it be chocolate, butterscotch, or skor bits.  You could also put peanut butter chips in them, although I have never tried it because peanuts are poison in my house.  The picture above is the banana muffin with butterscotch chips.  As much as I love chocolate in every way, shape, and form I can get it, I prefer banana muffins with butterscotch chips in them.

Basic Banana Muffins – makes one dozen muffins

1/2 cup soft butter

3/4 cup lightly packed brown sugar

1 large egg

1 tsp vanilla

3 ripe bananas

1-1/2 cup all purpose flour

1 tsp course kosher salt

1 tsp baking soda

1 tsp baking powder

*optional – 3/4 cup of chocolate, butterscotch, peanut butter chips, or skor bits.

Cream together the sugar and butter using a stand mixer equipped with the paddle attachment.  Add egg, and vanilla.  Add bananas to the mixture and beat on high until well blended (I don’t even mash the bananas before hand, I just throw them in).  In a separate bowl, mix together the flour, salt, baking soda, and baking powder.  Turn the mixer to low, and gently add the dry ingredients and mix just until blended.  Remove bowl from mixer and immediately fill muffin cups lined with paper cups, or add the desired chips by hand and then fill the muffin cups.  Bake in a 325’F oven on a rack that has been placed one level up from the bottom.  Bake for 30-35 minutes.

Long time, no write.

Obviously I'm the one waving at the camera.

Wow!  It’s been an entire year since my last post.  I certainly didn’t intend for that much time to go between writings.  The truth is, I’ve been busy.  Busy doing school, running, yoga, and raising 4 sons.  I actually haven’t had much time for picture taking, which makes me somewhat sad.  For this reason, I decided to change the name of this blog to Life…as I see it.  It doesn’t mean I won’t share pictures on here anymore, it just means I’ll be sharing so much more.  Be it recipes, running, yoga, or funny randomness.  If I feel like sharing it, I will.

So first things first.  I’ve finally finished high school.  I’m 35 years old, and FINALLY a high school graduate.  It’s embarrassing and empowering all at the same time.  However, I’ll let the latter of the two carry me through to my next adventure; perhaps college.  Secondly, I’ve been spent months training for the longest run of my life; Around the Bay 30 kilometre Road Race.  I did that last week (March 25), and it was the most amazing race I’ve done to date.  Now, just so we’re clear, I enter the races to complete, not compete.  I successfully completed 30 kilometres in three hours, twenty-six minutes, and fifty-four seconds.  I was truly elated as I didn’t believe I could actually do it, but I did.  I can’t wait to do it again next year.  The above picture is of me at the 18 kilometre mark.  I’m the one waving at the camera, obviously.

The most recent adventure my family and I have embarked on is juicing.  Juicing fresh organic fruits and vegetables.  We watched a documentary called Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead, and it completely changed our lives.  Then we watched another documentary called Hungry for Change, and it was changed again.  We are very much excited about this new way of living, even our kids like the juice-no matter how green and gross, or sweet and fruity it is, every time they hear the juicer turn on, they come running.

Okay, that’s all for now.

Hope ya’ll have a great weekend!


Spring is here…

The Super Moon

Spring is finally here, we made it!

On the last official evening of winter this year, we were treated to a “supermoon.”  A moon that was something like 17% bigger, 30% brighter, and only a mere 355 000 kilometers away from our lovely planet, Earth.  Anyone who knows me, knows that I could not resist the photographic opportunity of this rare occurrence.  The last time we way a “supermoon” was in 1993, the next time we’ll see it will the year 2029.  My husband and I packed up the kids along with the tripod and camera, and headed down to the lake to find the perfect spot; one that gave us a good view, and that also sheltered us from the wind.  We found our spot just as the moon had started to crest the horizon, it didn’t take me long to set up and start snapping pictures.  Unfortunately there was a ridge of clouds just above the horizon that the moon did slip behind for about 15 minutes, which of course, felt like hours out in the cold; and then,the moon rose again.  We were trying to think back if the kids had ever seen a moon rise and we couldn’t think of a time that they had, so this made it extra special.  The kids, albeit cold and bored, thought the experience was well worth freezing for.

Now that it’s officially spring, bring on the flowers, sunshine and nice weather.  My crocus’ are up, as are my daffodils.  Happy Spring to all.

~ Linda


Lemon Thyme

Lemon Thyme

Happy Family Day weekend to you!!

I went to the garden centre this past week to pick up some fresh herbs.  I’ll admit that I am the worst at growing herbs indoors, I kill them every single time, but I keep trying and I always will until I learn to do it right.  So, why am I blogging about herbs?  Because I don’t think herbs get enough time in the spotlight.  Fresh herbs, when grown correctly are plentiful, and delicious!  I have always found that the store-bought “fresh herbs” are just not fresh enough for me, and they are expensive.  In my case, when I buy fresh herbs in the store in those convenient little packages, there is TOO much in one package and I end up throwing out more than half of it.  What a waste!  My advice…go to your local garden centre and pick up a few of your favourite potted herbs, learn to grow them, and then use what you need as you need it.

PIctured above is my absolute favourite herb of all time, it’s lemon thyme.  It has such a beautiful flavour.  I find with a lot of lemon flavoured “things” it usually tastes like lemon pledge…yuck!  Lemon thyme on the other hand has a subtle lemon flavour that compliments many dishes, it’s not too strong or too weak, it’s perfect!  I will make pasta for my children, add some olive oil, salt and pepper with some freshly grated parmesan cheese and a healthy sprinkling of lemon thyme and they gobble it up like it’s the greatest thing on earth.  I used it in scrambled eggs this morning with some chopped mushrooms delicious!!  NO butter or added fat needed.  Herbs really are a life saver for people who are on limited diets or are trying to just eat healthier.  Fresh herbs give all the flavour without adding sugars or fats.

If you haven’t tried lemon thyme yet, please do so, you won’t be sorry!

Until next time…


The Conclusion…

Burlington Skyway Bridge

Hi everyone!  Hope you all had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

The new year is well underway now and I have not taken any pictures at all, mostly because there’s nothing to take pictures of.

I’ve learned a few very important lessons from my “picture-a-day” project and I’m going to take the opportunity to explain as best I can in this post.  The most important lesson I learned is that you can’t (or at least I can’t) force photography and have it be great.  That would be having my cake and eating it too and more often than not it doesn’t work.  For me, photography is definitely a hobby, when I say that what I mean is that last year showed me that I don’t have what it takes to do photography for a job, it would drive me crazy to have to sit in a studio and take boring pictures all day of people or things I didn’t care about.   I like taking pictures when I want to, when something particular catches my eye, or I wake up early in the morning with a great picture in mind that I would like to try to create.  I don’t do well with pressure, and pressure is something that I often felt with my project along with guilt.  To harbour such negative feelings while taking pictures it seems that the negativity goes into the photo and when I see it I remember the feelings I experienced.  All in all, not good.  A lot of people suggested that it just wasn’t the right time in my life; young family and lots of responsibilities.  This is all true.  When my husband and I are older, if we are fortunate enough to have the health and the means to travel around the world we both will journal our travels through photography, now that sounds exciting to me, to go to foreign places discovering the world and then bringing back all the pictures to share with family and friends.

At the beginning of this project I said I wanted to “broaden my horizons”, go beyond taking pictures of flowers, and I did!  I took many pictures of many things, some I am proud to say “yes, I took that”.  At the end of all this I still really like taking pictures of flowers, and I will continue to do so.  Everyone has a style, and I just wanted to find out what mine truly is.  Some people like landscape/nature, while others like children, and some like abstract.  I have always said I love macro (close-up) photography, and through this I’d have to say that it is my “style”.  I don’t want to put any labels on myself though.  If something is beautiful to me than I’m going to take a picture of it, regardless of what it is or what style it is.

The picture I posting above was taken in April 2010.  This is the picture that I am most proud to say is mine.  This is the picture that I think broke my boundaries, I showed myself that I was capable of taking a good picture that wasn’t of a flower, or my kids, or my pets.  Out of many favourites, this is one of them.

And so with that I will end this chapter.  I’ve learned, and grown in many ways.  I will take my camera with me when I feel like it, and I will take pictures when I feel like it.  I will keep this blog going so I can share my pictures and adventures with all of you.  Thank you so much for following me and being supportive throughout 2010, I would have given up on it a long time ago if it wasn’t for all of you encouraging me to keep going.

I look forward to 2011 and the adventures it has in store for me and my family!



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Sunday December 5, 2010


Hello everyone!  Yes, it’s been a long time since my last blog post.  The weeks have flown by at warp speed and by the time the weekend comes I just want to do nothing.  Weeks have gone by and my poor camera is sitting in the corner, bagged and abandoned.  I have been busy putting up Christmas decorations, Christmas shopping and Christmas baking.  Now that I am done all my Christmas duties I am ready to enjoy all the hard work it takes to make this season special.

As my project for this year nears its end I am having some bitter/sweet feelings.  I have to be honest, my feelings are little more on the sweeter side than bitter.  I did not realize how much of a commitment this was going to be when I started it on January 1, added with the guilt of not meeting my at first daily and then weekly goals I just started to feel guilty and bad and ultimately giving up.  Everyone tells me that I am too busy for a project like this because I have a big family, but truthfully I really am not that busy, what it came down to was that I just didn’t know what to take pictures of, so I didn’t take pictures at all.  Another sweet part of this project ending is now I can be casual again with my camera and taking pictures “just because”.  When I do take pictures I will definitely share them along with a story here on this blog.  Now for the bitter part; this part is just the reminder that another year has come to an end, and I swear this one has gone by the fastest of all my years.  I always get a little sad this time of year because me and my husband are getting another year older, and our children getting another year older.  I really try very hard to not put too much thought into it and when January comes I set new goals for the year and work hard to try to meet them.

Okay, so this picture that I have included in this blog is of some nutcrackers that I purchased a couple of years ago at my local Zehrs grocery store.  I have all my Christmas decorations out along with a fully trimmed tree and I thought it would be nice to make this my picture for this blog.

I will be blogging again by the end of the month to finish off the project.  After that who knows what comes next!

Until the end of December…

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!  Enjoy your families and your holidays, however you celebrate them.

~ Linda

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