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Decew Falls

Saturday November 14… We took the kids and went for a drive down to the Niagara Region looking for something interesting to take pictures of. My husband has fond memories of Decew Falls as a child so naturally he wanted to share it with his family now. The stone building was constructed in 1872, a fire destroyed the mill in 1895. The mill was completely restored and to this day still works, you can go there and purchase fresh stone ground flour. Definitely a place you’ll want to check out, if not for flour then for some great pictures.
There is a little shack on the back of the stone house that over looks the falls, all the old antique equipment they used to use is in there. I spent so much time snapping pictures of everything. A photographers paradise! I had absolute no idea what to expect but boy was I pleased when I got in there. It’s rather dark in the building so getting clear photos is a bit of a challenge without using a flash, I will definitely bring my tripod next time.Decew Falls

The picture I included happened kind of by accident.  I was originally trying to get my reflection in my husband glasses, then I actually stopped and looked at what was reflecting, that’s when I saw the buildings and the water, I liked that much better.


My First Blog…

Hi everyone!!!
I am embarking on a year long project starting January 1, 2010. I got the idea from a friend whose husband put himself to the challenge of taking a picture of something everyday for a year, and my cousin furthered it by suggesting I blog it. I am NOT a professional photographer, it is just a hobbie…so please be gentle with any criticism. I took a photography course at my local Art Centre, I enjoyed it very much and learned a lot about photography. As much as I have tried to “broaden my horizons” I can not seem to get away from taking pictures of flowers, that’s where this project comes into play.  I imagine it will be like writing; when you’re all out of words to write keep writing because that is when the good stuff comes out. I am certain there will be some good days and am even more certain there will be some very trying days.

So please check back often, and definitely bookmark me so you can see how this project unfolds.

I will leave you with a photo of my beautiful dog, her name is Ginger.  In the four and a half years that we’ve had her this is the first good picture I taken of her.  She has a need to be at my feet constantly so it’s really difficult to get a picture like this of her.

Happy snapping!

~ Linda

My Beloved Ginger

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