Decew Falls

Saturday November 14… We took the kids and went for a drive down to the Niagara Region looking for something interesting to take pictures of. My husband has fond memories of Decew Falls as a child so naturally he wanted to share it with his family now. The stone building was constructed in 1872, a fire destroyed the mill in 1895. The mill was completely restored and to this day still works, you can go there and purchase fresh stone ground flour. Definitely a place you’ll want to check out, if not for flour then for some great pictures.
There is a little shack on the back of the stone house that over looks the falls, all the old antique equipment they used to use is in there. I spent so much time snapping pictures of everything. A photographers paradise! I had absolute no idea what to expect but boy was I pleased when I got in there. It’s rather dark in the building so getting clear photos is a bit of a challenge without using a flash, I will definitely bring my tripod next time.Decew Falls

The picture I included happened kind of by accident.  I was originally trying to get my reflection in my husband glasses, then I actually stopped and looked at what was reflecting, that’s when I saw the buildings and the water, I liked that much better.


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