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Sunday January 31, 2010

Happy 10th Birthday Ethan!!

First off I have to say that today is my son’s 10th birthday, it’s hard to believe he’s 10 already!  Happy Birthday little man!

I’ve decided that my blogs are too long and I can’t expect anyone will want to sit there for that long and read about my weekly adventures in photography, so I’m going to keep it simple and to the point.

This week was pretty uneventful in my world.  I have been recovering from a cold and so I did not venture too far from home to get any photographs…that is until last night.

I started off the week with my husband hands, followed by grapes.   The Starbucks coffee was truly the lowest point of my week, I felt completely useless with my camera and was out of ideas.  The 4 season picture I thought was neat because we’ve had exceptional weather in Southern Ontario and some of the grass has actually started to turn green, so when I saw this crispy leaf laying in green grass with snow around it I thought it was a perfect representation of what the weather has been like this winter.   The temperature plunged on Thursday and so I headed to my local greenhouse.  It’s my favourite spot to go in the winter, I love the colours, the air, and the energy in there; everything is buzzing with life.  I found a huge table full with gorgeous orchids and so as you can imagine I was in my glory.  Friday I was teasing the dog to get her ears to stand up, asking her if she wanted to go for a walk.  Ginger hates having her picture taken but she was being a good sport about it on Friday, poor thing didn’t get to go for a walk though…too cold.

Saturdays picture was a two-part series; the sunrise and the moonrise.  I froze both times.  Since Saturday night was the full moon I really wanted to capture a shot of it like the ones I’ve seen so many times before.  My friend Ada and I headed out of town to the perfect spot, it was a beautiful sunset and we both took many pictures of clouds, birds, water and of course the moonrise that took forever, we absolutely froze almost to death. Unfortunately I didn’t have any luck. Ada on the other hand went home and tried once again and ended up getting a stunning picture of the moon, it was breathtaking!  Way to go Ada, you did great!!  I was happy with what I did get though.  I know now what I need to do to get that picture so I will try again, maybe tonight.

Have a great week everyone.

Until next Sunday…



Sunday January 24, 2010

Hello friends!

So we are the second last sunday from the end of January and we don’t even have a flake of snow on the ground.  I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t loving this.  Anybody who knows me knows that I hate snow, and two years ago I was fortunate enough to move to a city in southern Ontario that get very little of the white stuff.  However, that being said it does make for challenging times when you’re doing a project such as this one.  I find myself stuck inside taking pictures a lot because everything outside is grey and dingy.  One of my friends who is doing this project with me knows exactly what I mean, her husband joking refers to her photos as their house inventory.  So a little snow would actually be nice so we can get outside and take pictures of the winter scenery we are meant to have in January.

My first image for this week was the birch tree outside my house, I like how the bark peels, and curls.  I also like the ragged edges of the curl.  I use the definition and sharpness tools in my software to really punch up those spots.

The next day I felt really stumped, I get to certain time of the day that I know I have to just grab anything and find a way to make it look good…enter the tomato!  I had this set up in my front window with a white board behind and then a small but very bright light on floor behind the tomato.  I am still learning how everything works with lighting and was pleased when I saw this one.  With the light behind the tomato it made the tomato dark in the image, then with the contrast and saturation tools I made it even darker.  I will definitely be playing with this technique more.

Next was my cats foot.  I must warn you that by this time in the week I was really coming down with sickness and I did not have much energy for photos so I did what was easy…and it actually turned out lovely.  Sometimes when you’re not even trying is when your best stuff comes out!

Jan 20…These are steel chips that my husband brought home from work.  This is his favourite material to machine because the floor turns to a beautiful sea of deep purple and blues.    Again because there are jagged edges I like to punch it up using the definition and sharpness tools in my software.

The duck.  I just wanted to get outside and try to find something beautiful in all the dingy grey.  The sun was shining brightly so I went down to the marina where all the ducks and swans like to hang out and I found this little guy.  I found a nice little patch in the brush that I could squat down (to which then I fell in the dead leaves and probably some duck poop)  and get some shots of him.  The ice that had formed around the edge of the water had all broken up into chunks and with the little waves coming into shore it created the most serene sound, it sounded like tinkling glass, I wish I could have recorded the sound because it was truly peaceful.  Again with the sharpness and definition tools, I used it to make the ice appeared sharp and crisp.

White on white, the motivation behind this one was from the photography class I took a year ago.  My teacher had an image of a white back ground with white eggs and I remember he had challenged us to figure out how to do a white on white successfully (unsuccessfully I think would be the background white looking grey and also shadows from not enough even light), so I decided now was a good time.  It turned out quite well I think.

Saturdays image was of the clouds.  We had went for a short drive to get out of the house and headed just out of town.  There was a dog park that we pulled into because I saw this break in the clouds.  We haven’t seen the blue sky in a few days and so the clouds just broke open to reveal the blue underneath for just long enough for me to grab this shot.  Total coincidence that it also happen to be in the shape of a heart.  I love natural beauty, and I love even more when I  capture it on my camera!

Now on to my favourite image this week.  My husband, who has zero knowledge of photography created this image.  While I was doing my white on white he started playing with the lighting.  Seeing that the tea-cup handle is half a heart he wanted to make it so the shadows of the light would complete the heart (he’s such a lovebug).  So he created this and I photographed it.  It’s just about time for us to purchase another camera I think.

Hope everyone is happy and healthy.

See you next Sunday!


Sunday January 17, 2010

Hello everyone!  Hope you all had a great week.

I was just looking at my pictures from this week to recap what I had done and I must say that I am proud of myself because I have two outdoor pictures.  The weather has been beautiful and so why not take advantage of it by getting outside to attempt to get some nice winter shots, only thing is you need snow for nice winter shots and we have NONE!  Believe me I’m not complaining.

On Monday I played around with my husbands guitars, taking pictures of them was so much fun and there were many that turned out so well that I decided to share the best ones on Flickr, they are in the “sets” marked guitars.  Mondays photo, which is also the one above was my favourite photo this week.

Tuesdays picture is of a charming little church in the downtown core of the city I live in.  There were some harsh shadows, I’m still not sure if I like them or not, I have had mixed reviews on this.

Wednesdays image  was of the sky.  My photography teacher asked me what motivated me to take this picture, for this particular image I really just wanted  to try out my polarized lens filter, but by his asking me this question it reminded me to pay attention to details that motivate me take a picture of something, why do I like it or why it caught my eye.  I definitely liked the effect of the polarized lens  and will try to find more opportunities to use it.

Thursday was of my cat’s eye.  I love cats eyes, what can I say?!  Not really much to say about this one because it’s just a cat’s eye.  I did however use some post processing to punch it some.  Maxed out the definition and sharpness scales so you can see each and every hair around her eye, I think it made the image look very edgy almost like the hairs could cut you like her claws or her teeth.

Friday, this was funny because I had nothing and no ideas for anything.  I was baking goat cheese with bruschetta on top and so when it came out of the oven I staged it up with some crackers and olive oil bottles behind it (although you can see them in the image) and started snapping away.  Just incase you’re wondering it was delicious!  If you’re interested in this recipe let me know and I’ll get it to you!

And finally Saturday…It was a busy day because we had a little birthday party for my six-year-old, there were 7 kids in my house and it was awesome!  Again I had no real direction for photos and so my very supportive husband suggested taking pictures of my makeup brushes.  It was fairly easy to set up, unfortunately not the easiest to do or maybe I just didn’t have enough time to really think about it and plan it out in my head what I expected.

Lessons learned this week… become aware of what and why something catches my eye and make note of it, and give myself a few minutes before taking a shot to plan out in my head what I want it to look like and then try to create it.

Thanks for reading.

Happy snapping till next Sunday…


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Sunday January 10, 2010

One week down, fifty-one to go!

I feel like I’m dragging myself out of one comfort zone (flower land) only to fall into another one.  You’ll notice that all my pictures this week are close-ups.  I love macro (close-up) photography, it is undeniably my favourite, it’s so personal, intimate…I love it!  But I can already see another habit forming, and that’s not the point of this project.  I have so many ideas for pictures but a lot of them I have to wait because of the location or the season.

It’s been extremely cold this week and since I only go out when I absolutely have to all my pictures this week are inside.  I set up my studio lights for some and used the natural sunlight others.

So my first picture this week is of my cat, he’s a gorgeous pure bread ragdoll and yes his eyes are that blue.  He’s beautiful and he knows it!  The second picture is of my baby, my almost 12-year-old baby.  Any of you who have raised/raising kids knows what I’m going through, the attitude, the fighting and that he knows everything and I know nothing because I was born just yesterday.  Taking pictures like this of him helps me to keep seeing him as an innocent child, I can’t possibly stay upset with him when I look at this picture.  The third image is of a buddha I purchased last year at a garden centre I went to, it’s made of wood and painted black.  The fourth picture is popcorn, I was really tapped out for an idea this day so I just grabbed the first thing I saw and took pictures of it.  I set up my studio lights and used a black curtain for the background, popcorn is much like stones (see last blog entry).   The fifth picture is of my scarf, my friend liked it and thought it would make a good picture because of the texture and so I took some shots of it, I’m not entirely happy with the shots because there is only so much you can do with a scarf.  The sixth image is of my husbands Marshall JCM-800 tube amplifier, I took lots of pictures of it but none really turned out the way we wanted, except for this one.    My last picture this week (shown above) is of a bottle of Jack Daniels with a shot glass taken on top of the Marshall amp, I loved the lighting (studio lights and post processing) and so this image is my favourite this week.

I always thought natural occurences made the best pictures, until now.  Now I am questioning everything.  Are great images staged or are they natural and some lucky guy was just at the right place at the right time?  So I’m asking you…do you stage or do you wait for the right place at the right time?

Hope you all have had a fabulous week.

Until next Sunday…


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Sunday January 3, 2010.

Welcome to the first Sunday of 2010!

There aren’t too many adventures to report as it’s not been a full week,  it has however been an interesting couple of days since my last blog.  I have decided that instead of walking around aimlessly searching for something to photograph I’m going to choose one object and try to see it in every way possible through my lens.  On January 2 I chose a wooden stool as my object, I actually enjoyed taking a picture of something other than a flower and it was fun playing with the image once I downloaded it.  While I was trying to see different angles of the stool I actually injured my hip, I had a hard time walking for the rest of the day.  I feel like an old lady.  Today my hip feels much better!   I chose a plate of tiny stones that sits on the coffee table in my living room for today’s image, this one was a little more difficult because I found that stones look best when all of them are in focus or all of them are blurred except for one, stones are not easy subjects.

That’s all for now.

Until next Sunday…


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Happy New Year!!

January 1, 2010

Day one…

My photography project starts today.  After I was done cleaning up and putting away all the Christmas decorations this afternoon I grabbed my camera and started walking around my house looking for something to take a picture of, so far we’re off to a rocky start.  I’m not particularly thrilled with my first picture of 2010 but I’m sure there will be better ones (and probably worse ones) to come.

So as I have explained before the point of this project is to break away from what I normally do, taking pictures of flowers.  Today my picture is of the flower-pot instead, the pot sits on a stainless steel platter and I liked the reflection so I took pictures of it.  It’s a lame picture and already I’m feeling defeated but like I said before I will persevere and break through these boundaries.  Stay with me.

I will take pictures everyday and I will blog on Sundays to share my adventures from the previous week.

To everyone…Happy New Year, I wish you health and happiness for 2010!!

Happy snapping!

Until Sunday…


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