Sunday January 10, 2010

One week down, fifty-one to go!

I feel like I’m dragging myself out of one comfort zone (flower land) only to fall into another one.  You’ll notice that all my pictures this week are close-ups.  I love macro (close-up) photography, it is undeniably my favourite, it’s so personal, intimate…I love it!  But I can already see another habit forming, and that’s not the point of this project.  I have so many ideas for pictures but a lot of them I have to wait because of the location or the season.

It’s been extremely cold this week and since I only go out when I absolutely have to all my pictures this week are inside.  I set up my studio lights for some and used the natural sunlight others.

So my first picture this week is of my cat, he’s a gorgeous pure bread ragdoll and yes his eyes are that blue.  He’s beautiful and he knows it!  The second picture is of my baby, my almost 12-year-old baby.  Any of you who have raised/raising kids knows what I’m going through, the attitude, the fighting and that he knows everything and I know nothing because I was born just yesterday.  Taking pictures like this of him helps me to keep seeing him as an innocent child, I can’t possibly stay upset with him when I look at this picture.  The third image is of a buddha I purchased last year at a garden centre I went to, it’s made of wood and painted black.  The fourth picture is popcorn, I was really tapped out for an idea this day so I just grabbed the first thing I saw and took pictures of it.  I set up my studio lights and used a black curtain for the background, popcorn is much like stones (see last blog entry).   The fifth picture is of my scarf, my friend liked it and thought it would make a good picture because of the texture and so I took some shots of it, I’m not entirely happy with the shots because there is only so much you can do with a scarf.  The sixth image is of my husbands Marshall JCM-800 tube amplifier, I took lots of pictures of it but none really turned out the way we wanted, except for this one.    My last picture this week (shown above) is of a bottle of Jack Daniels with a shot glass taken on top of the Marshall amp, I loved the lighting (studio lights and post processing) and so this image is my favourite this week.

I always thought natural occurences made the best pictures, until now.  Now I am questioning everything.  Are great images staged or are they natural and some lucky guy was just at the right place at the right time?  So I’m asking you…do you stage or do you wait for the right place at the right time?

Hope you all have had a fabulous week.

Until next Sunday…



One thought on “Sunday January 10, 2010

  1. i love macro photography as well and the JD pikkie is great! My whole Still Life project was staged and I really liked many of those photos, I definitely have to get better at spotting the good stuff that occurs naturaly!!!

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