Sunday January 24, 2010

Hello friends!

So we are the second last sunday from the end of January and we don’t even have a flake of snow on the ground.  I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t loving this.  Anybody who knows me knows that I hate snow, and two years ago I was fortunate enough to move to a city in southern Ontario that get very little of the white stuff.  However, that being said it does make for challenging times when you’re doing a project such as this one.  I find myself stuck inside taking pictures a lot because everything outside is grey and dingy.  One of my friends who is doing this project with me knows exactly what I mean, her husband joking refers to her photos as their house inventory.  So a little snow would actually be nice so we can get outside and take pictures of the winter scenery we are meant to have in January.

My first image for this week was the birch tree outside my house, I like how the bark peels, and curls.  I also like the ragged edges of the curl.  I use the definition and sharpness tools in my software to really punch up those spots.

The next day I felt really stumped, I get to certain time of the day that I know I have to just grab anything and find a way to make it look good…enter the tomato!  I had this set up in my front window with a white board behind and then a small but very bright light on floor behind the tomato.  I am still learning how everything works with lighting and was pleased when I saw this one.  With the light behind the tomato it made the tomato dark in the image, then with the contrast and saturation tools I made it even darker.  I will definitely be playing with this technique more.

Next was my cats foot.  I must warn you that by this time in the week I was really coming down with sickness and I did not have much energy for photos so I did what was easy…and it actually turned out lovely.  Sometimes when you’re not even trying is when your best stuff comes out!

Jan 20…These are steel chips that my husband brought home from work.  This is his favourite material to machine because the floor turns to a beautiful sea of deep purple and blues.    Again because there are jagged edges I like to punch it up using the definition and sharpness tools in my software.

The duck.  I just wanted to get outside and try to find something beautiful in all the dingy grey.  The sun was shining brightly so I went down to the marina where all the ducks and swans like to hang out and I found this little guy.  I found a nice little patch in the brush that I could squat down (to which then I fell in the dead leaves and probably some duck poop)  and get some shots of him.  The ice that had formed around the edge of the water had all broken up into chunks and with the little waves coming into shore it created the most serene sound, it sounded like tinkling glass, I wish I could have recorded the sound because it was truly peaceful.  Again with the sharpness and definition tools, I used it to make the ice appeared sharp and crisp.

White on white, the motivation behind this one was from the photography class I took a year ago.  My teacher had an image of a white back ground with white eggs and I remember he had challenged us to figure out how to do a white on white successfully (unsuccessfully I think would be the background white looking grey and also shadows from not enough even light), so I decided now was a good time.  It turned out quite well I think.

Saturdays image was of the clouds.  We had went for a short drive to get out of the house and headed just out of town.  There was a dog park that we pulled into because I saw this break in the clouds.  We haven’t seen the blue sky in a few days and so the clouds just broke open to reveal the blue underneath for just long enough for me to grab this shot.  Total coincidence that it also happen to be in the shape of a heart.  I love natural beauty, and I love even more when I  capture it on my camera!

Now on to my favourite image this week.  My husband, who has zero knowledge of photography created this image.  While I was doing my white on white he started playing with the lighting.  Seeing that the tea-cup handle is half a heart he wanted to make it so the shadows of the light would complete the heart (he’s such a lovebug).  So he created this and I photographed it.  It’s just about time for us to purchase another camera I think.

Hope everyone is happy and healthy.

See you next Sunday!



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