February 7, 2010

Morning at my house.

It’s Superbowl Sunday!!  I won’t be watching it, I’m a fan of the New England Patriots and since they aren’t playing I’m not watching!!  However, I will be eating!  We have a tradition (on our 8th year now) to make lots of Superbowl snacks and pig out!  Today we’ll have all those snacks and play games on the Wii with the kids!

Now down to business…this weeks photos.

This week pictures are typical of my “style” or “rut” as I like to call it.  Close-ups and more close-ups.  I kicked off the week with my kitchen tap.  Although a kitchen tap is boring I do think this is interesting.

I feel like I’m standing behind a locked door (my mind), and I can’t find the key.  It’s like my life (photography) right now is a Neutral Room Escape game…I’ll include the link, it’s a great time waster and you’ll really see where I’m at right now with photography, it makes you think outside the box…it will also drive you crazy!  I keep saying things like “It’s ugly outside, there’s nothing to take a picture of that is nice”, or “we never go anywhere, we need to go somewhere to get great pictures”.  Are these excuses?  What difference does it make what season it is or where I’m at?  I definitely feel tapped out with things to photograph around my house, and it is ugly outside.  Where is the damn key to that locked door?!

The most important picture this week was on Tuesday, it’s of the peace lily.  I dedicated this picture to my friend who lost her beloved cat that she and her husband shared for 18 years.  My heart shattered into a million pieces for them as I myself have lived through that.  To this day having my cat die in my arms was the hardest thing I’ve ever been through.  Some of you may say “it’s just a cat”, but it really is not JUST a cat, it’s a companion and when you have to say good-bye to them it is absolutely devastating.  So I wanted to put a peace lily up for my friends cat, but also for my Molson.  Cherish the memories we have.

This morning I woke up to bright sun and beautiful vibrant blue skies, so I threw my house coat on and my husband big puffy jacket, grabbed my camera and headed outside in my pj’s not wasting even one minute to get dressed to capture the morning sun.

Morning is my favourite time of day and there is nothing I love more than waking up with the sun shining on my face.  It may be brutally cold outside, but I don’t care…we have NO snow and the sun is shining, I’ll take that over a cloudy snowy day, any day!!

It’s the beginning of a new week and I’m going to try again to break through these barriers.  Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Enjoy your week…and if your team in playing in the Superbowl today – GOOD LUCK, especially if you have money riding on it!!

http://neutralxe.net/esc/  – this is the link to the Neutral Room Escape Games.  Definitely check it out, they are fun!

Until next Sunday…



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