Sunday February 21, 2010

Niagara Falls

Hello everyone, hope you all had a great week.  The weeks are flying by a record speed which is fine by me because I am ready for spring.  Ready to hear and see the birds, the spring bulbs breaking ground and the buds on the trees getting ready to explode in to that very special colour of green that only comes with brand new-born leaves…I can’t wait!

This week in photography has been tough, I am hitting new lows of frustration and am completely bored of taking pictures of trinkets inside my house.  I am ready to go outside and find new interesting things however everything is of varying shades of brown, yuck.

I have a few photography books and so I think I’ll have a look through those this week and see if I can get inspired by something in there.

My thought for the day…Anything that is visually captivating really is up to the person looking at it to decide and because I am so critical of my photos would I even know it if I captured something that was great?  It may be great to you and suck to me or visa versa.  I wish I could see my pictures through your eyes.

I always have my eyes peeled for photographic opportunities, and I keep waiting for something great to appear out of nowhere as if it just going to be sitting there in a bare field with the sun shining on it perfectly while the angels are singing from the heavens.  I know it sounds silly but that’s actually what I think.  Where I go from here is yet to be decided, I’ll keep you all posted.

We’re heading in to our last week of February already, Spring is just around the corner.

Happy snapping, see you next week.



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