Sunday March 7, 2010

I left you all last week with the anticipation of the Men’s Team Canada olympic hockey game happening that afternoon, it was the gold medal game against the United States and WE WON!!!!!  I was on the edge of my seat the entire time and when they won I literally cried tears of joy, it was at that very moment that I was truly proud to be a Canadian and so my picture for Monday was of the Canadian flag.

I purchased a book from Chapters last year on photography, it’s very much like a text-book in that there are lessons followed by assignments.  This past week I requested the help of said book.  The first assignment is on city lights and that is why all my pictures from this week are of lights in the night.  The first one I did was of the cars on the highway.  Light streams, the result of slow shutter speeds.   It was rather cold that evening and being on an overpass it was also quite windy and because I don’t have a very sturdy tripod I did have blur from camera shake.  I wouldn’t mind trying this again when the traffic is a little busier and definitely less windy, there were too many breaks in the streams and I had already had the shutter speed set at 2 seconds…mixed with wind equals pictures that are blurry.  Oh well, I still do like the way it turned out.

The remaining pictures continued on in this fashion.  It was nice having a direction instead of wandering around aimlessly searching for something to photograph by days end.  In this book there are 22 assignments and so that’s what I will be doing for the next 21 weeks.  I have not even looked ahead in the book so see what’s coming, that information will be revealed to me when I begin that weeks lesson.

The lesson for this coming week is still life, something I don’t think I’m very good at but this will give me a chance to research it and practice with it.

The picture above is of the car lights on the highway purposely put out of focus, the shapes and the colours fascinate me.  Enjoy!

Hope you all have a fantastic week, last one before March Break!!

Incase you interested in the book I am following here are the details of it…

Title:  Digital Photography Master Class

Author:  Tom Ang

~ Until next Sunday…



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