Sunday March 14, 2010

My Favourite flowers.

We’re half way through March already, no sign of my crocus’ yet.  I hope the squirrels didn’t get them despite the blood meal I coated the bulbs in, time will tell.

This week was fun for me.  The lesson this week was still-life.  Not really having clear idea of what still-life was exactly I started off the week on my computer looking up definitions and photograph examples.  Still-life by definition is the art of creating a picture  rather than just taking a picture, still life typically includes flowers, fruit, bowls and or glassware .  So now that I learned exactly what it is it was time to have some fun.  My first picture this week was an oil burner, kind of boring but I liked the design on the burner and I also liked how the candle illuminated it and showed the natural beauty of the soap stone.  For most of the week I turned to flowers, anyone who knows me knows that I love to take pictures of flowers so I was truly in my glory with this.  I went to a local florist, a store I have never been in and honestly after the rotten attitude and bad customer service I will never go back to this particular florist again.  I paid $22 for a dozen Gerber daisies some of which weren’t even healthy.  Oh well, lesson learned.

In between the flowers I managed to snap a picture of my little guy while he was eating his breakfast, I know this technically is not still-life, but it was so cute I just had to include it.  The rest of the pictures this week were staged, I found a great deal of pleasure in doing this.  Having more control over my photographs is so liberating, I don’t think I will feel so frustrated anymore when I have nothing to photograph because I know now that I can just create a picture.  I will definitely do more research and practice in this particular area.

The salt and pepper…I first did this picture on a white background, it was  tedious with the spoons and trying not to spill so even though I wanted to do it on a black background as well I opted not too because I didn’t want to empty the spoons and change the background and then refill and set up all the spoons again.  Well, I ended up emptying the spoons, changing the background, refilling and setting up the spoons again because I loved it on the white and I just knew I had to try it on the black, it would have driven me nuts until I did, so I did it and I totally loved it more than the white.

I am looking forward to where the next chapter will take me.  I am so happy that I bought this book, it’s already opened my eyes to so much and I’m only on the third week.

Hope you (and your little ones if you have them) have a fantastic March Break.  I signed  my kids up at the local art centre, they will be there getting dirty with all sorts of crafty stuff, needless to say they are looking forward to it, maybe I’ll take pictures of their artwork to share here.

Until next Sunday…



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