Sunday March 21, 2010

My first crocus!!!

I went outside this morning to check to see if there were any sign of my crocus’ and I found ONE!!! (see above picture).  My daffodils are up as well, I am elated.

My photography assignment this week was High Dynamic Range (HDR).  It is a process that takes a series of identical images of varying exposures and layers them one on top of another.  Because a camera does not have the tonal range that your eye has performing this procedure allows you to make an image as vibrant as what your eye actually sees.  We have all taken pictures and afterward  said  “the picture doesn’t do the scene justice”…that’s where HDR comes into play, it does the picture justice and then some.  So this is what I attempted to do this week.  My first couple of tries were complete failures but I figure it’s all part of the learning process, by mid-week I had gotten the hang of how it works however I’m afraid the timing of year was all wrong, I will keep trying when the weather gets better.

We went out with the kids to the park on Friday so that I could take some pictures of them and on the drive home I had an idea.  I wondered what it would look like if I slowed the shutter speed down and then took a picture while driving, the result is the picture that looks like a watercolour.  I was just playing around and was  delighted when I saw this  so I wanted to share it.  It’s the best part about having a digital camera, you can play with everything and anything and there are no developing fees, just hit delete.

The last picture is of a little patch of long grass in my back yard where these teeny tiny mauve coloured flowers grow, when the sun shines they open right up, unfortunately it was cloudy when I took this.

Since flower season is upon us I am going to do my best to deny my natural urge to take pictures of them…at least sometimes anyway.  I love to take pictures of flowers but I have to stay focused, this project was about broadening my horizons…there are more things to photograph other than flowers.

Today my family and I went on our first Geocaching hunt, it is a cheap, fun way to get exercise and have family time.  If you’re unsure what Geocaching is Google it.  I am going to be taking my camera on our hikes, hopefully we’ll come across some interesting things to share here!

Happy spring everyone!

Have a great week…



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