Sunday March 28, 2010

A local cemetery

Wow!  Another month has come and gone.  My daffodils and crocus’ are up, I’m looking forward to seeing them bloom.

This past week has gone by very quickly.  I’ve been spring cleaning so extra time has been limited.  This weeks project was supposed to be “urban nature”, I did manage to get a few pictures but again I feel like it’s just the wrong time of year for this. Some of the examples in my book were old vintage cars and wild animals within the city looking for shelter.  It was definitely a challenge, I think urban nature is more enjoyable when there are plenty of colours to see and at this point everything is still very much brown and grey.   I did however see a coyote beside the highway, unfortunately I did not have my camera and even if I did I couldn’t have stopped as I was in the clover leaf getting on the highway.

My favourite picture this week is of the school bus.  My friend showed me how to turn a picture all black and white except for one thing in the image.  It’s not something I would do all the time but I really liked it for the school bus especially since everything in the area is of no colour anyway.

My family and I went Geocaching yesterday, the little adventure took us into a local cemetery.  When we walked through the gates there was a tree-lined lane way, it was absolutely beautiful.  See above picture.  I can’t wait till the trees bloom, I will revisit the cemetery and take another picture at that point.  I bet it will be even more beautiful.

My next assignment is “city streets”, I already have some ideas in mind…Wish me luck!!

Happy Snapping…

~ Linda


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