April 4, 2010 Easter Sunday

Bronte Creek in Lowville

Happy Easter to all, hope the day was full of fun and chocolate!  My kids were officially on chocolate overload by 9am Easter Sunday morning.  We went on a Geocaching adventure late morning, it was quite tiring because when we arrived home 3 of us passed out for 3 hours, one of them being me.

My assignment this week was supposed to be city streets…I was not fortunate enough to even get one good shot, but it’s only because there is a lack of interesting streets where I live.  Had I lived or least visited New York or Las Vegas this week things definitely would have been very different.  We got together with family for Good Friday and went Geocaching for the day in the Niagara Region.   I attempted to get a picture of Clifton Hill, again unsuccessful.  I think city streets are just not my forte, and that’s just fine by me.

I took a picture of my beloved Ginger, she’s a yellow lab.  I found a big lump on her back side and was terrified that it was a tumour, I always go to the worst case scenario.  I immediately called the vet and got her in right away (it was time for her yearly vaccination and heartworm pills anyway).  $466 later…she has fat deposits which apparently are very typical in labs, something else I didn’t know.   I found her sleeping in the kitchen so I grabbed my zoom lens (otherwise I would have woken her up) and got down on the floor and took this, the sound of the shutter woke her up.

I finally got a half decent picture of a cardinal.  There is an abundance where I live only I am always unprepared when they come around.  I still would like a clearer picture, this guy was way up in the top of a tree and my zoom is just not enough.  I think I’ll place some bird seed and patiently wait.

The baby toes…that’s all kinds of cuteness.  It’s my friends baby, and I went a little crazy with my camera.  I love baby feet so I couldn’t resist when I saw she didn’t have socks or shoes on.

While we were Geocaching in Niagara on Good Friday we went to Oak Hall, it’s the Niagara Parks Administrative Headquarters.  It is such a beautiful building on a beautifully maintained property.  The property looks over the raging waters of the Niagara River (above the falls).  Absolutely breathtaking.  If you haven’t already been definitely put it on your list of places to explore, Niagara has great history, take a picnic and make a day of it.

The above picture was taken this morning.  We drove out to Lowville, it’s a quaint little community.  Bronte Creek runs beside the children’s park.  It was gorgeous Easter morning, the sun was so warm.  We were going to go Geocaching here but because it’s in a valley and there is no cell phone signal, we figured if you live in Lowville you probably don’t care to have a cell phone!

So I’m at the start of a new week and the start of a new assignment, I have no idea what this week will have in store.

Until next Sunday…



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