Sunday April 11, 2010

Phone Booth

Last Monday was Easter Monday and I had decided to take all my pictures for the week that day, mostly because I am trying to get my spring cleaning/purging done in preparation for company that is coming in a couple of weeks.  Unfortunately I came down with a cold and was sick most of the week so cleaning was not happening, I will take another attempt at it this week.

My assignment for this past week was composition.  After being in photography class and talking to many people I still never really understood the meaning of composition and truly had no clue what I had done right when someone would comment on the excellent composition of one of my photos.  Up until recently if I had a picture that had good composition qualities it was only from me cropping it until the image was pleasing to my eyes.  Now when I crop something I keep the “rule of thirds” in mind, I know that any picture can defy this rule, it really depends on who is editing it, but more often than not I prefer the look of a picture when that rule is implied.  For those who don’t know what the “rule of thirds” is I’m going to try to explain it to you simply.  It’s basically a tic-tac-toe grid within the picture frame.  When you crop an image let’s use a horizon for example, you would put the horizon line either at the top 1/3 of the page or the bottom 1/3 of the page…not in the middle.  If you had a flower you would place the flower on any one of the four points where the lines cross, not in the centre.  Using this rule usually results in a visually appealing picture.  This of course if very simply put.  Next time you see a picture that you like have a look at where the points of interest are…more than likely they will be in one of the four corners, just imagine  a tic-tac-toe grid within the picture frame.

My picture for today (the one above) was taken on Saturday.  We went geocaching and came across this old phone booth, it’s not maintained at all and after looking at it at home I wished I had taken some scissors so I could trim the weeds around the bottom of it.  The colour was seriously faded so first I heavily saturated the entire photo, saved it as that, then took all the colour out of it and used the eraser tool on the phone booth.  I love using this technique, I think it really makes for interesting photos especially when you really want to focus on one main thing in the picture.

My assignment for this coming week is pets, so be prepared to see lots of pictures of my animals.

Until next Sunday…



2 thoughts on “Sunday April 11, 2010

  1. You have improved immensely since you started. I like the phone booth, but you’re right, some scissors really would have helped.

    Depending on what monitor I use, the booth looks a little ‘over cooked’ sometimes. The rule I use for my own photos is, “if I can detect photoshopping, I’ve done too much”. Of course I’m not talking about the B&W and colour effect here, but just the saturation of the red.

    Don’t worry about it though – I am so guilty of this myself, especially when I look at my older stuff. Just ask yourself before you hit ‘save’ if it still looks real.

    • Yeah I know what you mean…even when I go back now and look at it I can see that it is really over saturated.
      Thanks for the compliment though, much appreciated!!

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