Sunday May 23, 2010

Happy May 24 people!!!

Hope you are all having a fun and safe long weekend.  Now that the rain is behind us it’s time to enjoy the beautiful weather.

I am feeling very unproductive with my pictures this week.  My assignment was “image effects”.  I tried it once, on Monday…and I hated it, I turned the picture of my cat into a watercolour.  Don’t get me wrong I take full advantage of my processing software, 100% of the time I alter the image in some way, shape or form.  Making a photo look like a watercolour or any other effect  that is not natural is not my deal, although maybe I am just inexperienced.  If I thought I had a picture that could be altered that way I am sure that I would try it again, but I assure you I am in no hurry.

So I resorted to flowers this week.  I love flowers, they are naturally beautiful even when they are ugly weeds.  They are the perfect subject to photograph in my opinion.  My favourite picture this week would have to be the wheel, mostly because of the story behind it.  My son and his friend like to hang out in the creek near our house, they found an old beat up three-wheeled bike buried in it, covered in mud and weeds and grass.  The boys were determined to dig it out, bring it home and fix it up brand new.  I laughed so hard watching these two 12-year-old boys walking down the sidewalk one on each end of the bike carrying it with all the trimmings of dead muddy weeds leaving a trail of mud behind them leading right to my house.  That’s what I should have taken a picture of, it was hilarious.  Anyway, the bike has sat untouched in my backyard since then…about a month now.  The picture of the wheel is from that bike, and as you can see it still has the dead weeds attached to it.

I’m not sure at this point what next will have in store.  I am not a fan of distorting pictures so I may go on to the next chapter or I may take more advantage of the beautiful flowers that are in bloom in my neighbourhood.

Have a great week everyone!!

Until next Sunday…



2 thoughts on “Sunday May 23, 2010

  1. Great photo. Was talking to your mother-in-law Patsy at the pool I work at and told her I was purchasing a new DLSR to get into photography. She jumped at the opportunity to direct me to your blog. Wonderful shots you have here!

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