Sunday May 30, 2010

Hard to believe that this year is almost half over, which also means that I am almost half done this project!

I definitely feel like I am resorting back to my old ways; flowers, flowers, and more flowers.  Truth is I’m frustrated, I thought I was going to eventually hit a “block” and with determination and force I was going to push past it and miraculously my horizons would be broadened.  This has not happened, yet.

So my week consisted of flower; dog and tree; tree and sky; flower; and hot BBQ coals.  Boring? I think so!  If it wasn’t for the fact that I chose to write a blog whilst doing this year-long project, and that I am afraid of looking like a quitter I probably would have quit by now.  I am dedicated to this project and I will complete it even if for the next 7 months there is nothing but flowers, I will finish.

We haven’t really been going anywhere or doing anything, so by the end of the day when I remember that I “have” to take a picture I usually head over to a neighbour’s house or nearby park and take pictures.  I desperately want to break out of this, but I am really starting to think that flowers are just “my thing”.  I guess I can live with that, mainly because I have tried to break free of my habits and occasionally I have come up with something quite fantastic (tooting my own horn) that doesn’t involve any flowers.  I relish those moments.

Anyway, I am NOT giving up on photography,  I will always try to push myself beyond my personal boundaries.

Saturday was fun with the kids, we all cleaned up the yard together and then we lit up the charcoal bbq.  When mixed with the smell of beer always takes me right back to being a kid…actually it’s a smell that I associate with my father, it’s a happy feeling and when I smell it I just close my eyes and let it take me back to a time when I was young and things were simple.  Minus the beer  (not much of a beer drinker myself), I am more than happy to bring that famous smell of summer fun into my own backyard and share it with my children.  They enjoyed every minute, hotdogs followed by roasted marshmallows.  Great fun!

Signing off for another week…Oh and by the way, just incase you were wondering………209 days till Christmas!!

Have a good week!



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