Sunday June 27, 2010


Wow!!  It’s been busy.  We’ve been finishing up with school and planning camps and day trips for the summer ahead.  On one hand I’m looking forward to NOT making lunches and on the other hand I’m not looking forward to the little voices in my house announcing how “board” they are every minute of the day; the sweet sounds of summer.

The pictures this week was a variety of one of my many sons and yes…flowers.  What can I say?  When life is busy pictures of flowers is all I can muster.  I’m definitely going to have some interesting pictures for this week, so stay tuned.  I’m really looking forward to the adventures I will be taking my camera on this week.

My mom and her twin sister celebrated their 60th birthday last week (June 23), it’s so hard to believe that my mom is 60.  I tell my mom that she’ll always be 36 to me.  I’m not sure why 36, I figure it’s probably when I became aware of her age; I was 10.  So Happy Birthday to my mom and my aunt…I love you both!

My friend took her daughter to New York City this past weekend, me and a mutual friend took turns looking after her dog.  His picture is above.  Spencer is such a sweet dog, I would seriously keep him forever.  My family and I have completely fallen in love with this adorable cuddly dog and we will be sad to have him go back home.  I’m sure he misses his family though, and I still get to see him nearly everyday anyway.

Those of you who have children I hope they did well this year in school and I also hope for them that it will be a fun and exciting summer full of adventure.   Happy Summer everyone!!

Until next Sunday…



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