Sunday July 4, 2010

Rock Bass

Okay, I know it’s Wednesday and I’m just getting to writing my blog now…what can I say??  It’s the summer!

Hope everyone had a happy and safe Canada Day long weekend.

On the last day of school we drove up to Elliot Lake where my husbands parents live.  While we were there we were also visiting with my husband grandparents.  My husbands grandpa is turning 89 in a couple of weeks, it was very special for our children to be able to sing Happy Birthday to their great-grandfather.  My children are all old enough now that they will hopefully remember and carry that memory for the rest of their lives.  Unfortunately the drive to see everyone is at the very least five and a half hours one way, it’s a trip.  Thank God for tv’s and dvd players in vehicles, that’s all I can say.

We were only there for a couple of days so fishing was the main source for entertainment which is quite fine with me since I love fishing and even more I love eating the catch.  Time flies on the water, I could easily spend an entire day out there.  The kids had a blast, they all caught fish.  The picture I have included in this blog is of my father-in-law holding a Rock Bass that I’m assuming one of the boys caught.

My mother-in-law has accumulated a collection of perennials in her garden, a lot of them generously given to her by her friends.  They were so beautiful that I just couldn’t help myself, I had to take pictures.  My boys had fun building inukshuks with the rocks, running around the yard, eating cookies and fishing; life at the grandparents house!

Now that we are safely home and the sweltering heat has arrived it’s time to enjoy the beauty of summer.

Until Sunday…



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