Sunday July 25, 2010

Screaming Tunnels

Hello everyone!

This blog will sum up the last 2 weeks and where I’m at now.  My kids have been in camp for the month of July, it’s been nice having that extra break from them and you would think that I’d be taking advantage of the time alone by heading out on adventures with my camera; truth is, I’m think I’m done with the “photo-a-day”.  It’s not that I’m quitting the project or that I’m done taking pictures, I fully intend to still take pictures only I’m going to take pictures when I feel inspired to do so.  Taking pictures has been a chore for me with this project and when I go to bed at night, every night, without having taken a picture I feel guilty.  This is no way to be doing this kind of project.  I want to look back on these pictures and feel good about the places I’d been, the lessons I’ve learned and the things I saw, I do not want to look back at these in the future and feel guilty and beat myself up about not completing the project in the way I intended.  I will continue to blog every week and I will from now on take pictures because I want to NOT because I have to.  I’m not at the point in my life where I can take an interesting picture everyday.  The reality is, I’m a busy mom of 4 and at this point in my life I don’t have the time to drive all over the country looking for fun and interesting things to take pictures of.  So, like I said…I will continue to take pictures but from now on it’s going to be because I want to and if that means I get one picture a week or 10 pictures a week then so be it.  The lesson I’ve learned through all this is that this kind of project is better for someone who has lots and lots of time and will stop at nothing to get awesome pictures everyday, that is not me, not right now anyway.   I am looking forward to taking pictures again but under different circumstances.

Okay, on to the picture I’ve included in today’s blog.  It’s been a quiet weekend and so we piled the kids in the car and headed out for a drive to the Niagara Region.  This little spot is really creepy, it’s called “The Screaming Tunnels”.  The story as it’s told is of screams that can be heard if you light a wooden match while standing in the middle of the tunnel after that the match will be immediately extinguished.  Where this legend comes from is unknown although it has been passed down from generations past but one fact still remains; someone met their untimely demise in this cold empty tunnel. To be there is very eerie even if I’d never heard the story of it.  If you’d like to see it for yourself it’s in Niagara Falls, Ontario, east of the city on Warner Road at the very end of the dead-end.

I hope everyone is well and enjoying this very beautiful hot summer we’ve been having.  Only 43 days till school starts and 152 days till Christmas.

Until next Sunday…

~ Linda


One thought on “Sunday July 25, 2010

  1. Great shot. Excellent perspective and use of monotones. Don’t worry about a quota of photographs. You don’t need to go to an interesting or fun location to take interesting photographs. I’m sure you’ve noticed that you can look around at your everyday setting and see something that would make an interesting composition. Also sometimes an average uninspiring image can become quite striking by altering it with an effects. Virtual photographer is an excellent free plug-in that can add the missing quality. Combining images in either montage, collage, or triptych layout can create context, mood, or a juxtapositioning of ideas and feelings.

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