Sunday August 15, 2010

Got Milk?

Hey everyone!!

So I’ll start by saying that the kids and I went to my mom’s farm last week.  They live on a dairy farm 2 hours from where I live and I don’t get there much so I took my camera to take advantage of the different surroundings.  I lived on the farm for a few years and although farm life is not for me I do enjoy the farm animals.  It was nice to get out of the city for the day and head to the country where the air is fresh and the city noise if far behind, we had a great day!  My mom quickly put the boys to work in her garden after making them breakfast.  After picking some weeds we started to collect the bounty from all the hard work over the summer; tomatoes, beans, peas, carrots and onions…delicious!  Thanks for sharing mom!

As we head into the last couple weeks of the summer holidays I find ourselves scrambling to do all the things we had planned for the summer…going to the beach, Canada’s Wonderland, cleaning and purging the house, with only 3 weeks left we’d better get to it.  I’ve probably had the most fun this summer, due in part to my new friendships that I’ve made over the last year and because my boys are not little-little anymore, they are much easier and fun to travel with or just hang out with now.  I can only imagine that summers from here on out are just going to become more fun and adventurous.  For so long I was home with a combination of  babies, toddlers and beyond; trying to keep a group like that happy and entertained is nearly impossible.   I’m finally starting to enjoy summer again.

This Friday Ginger (my pooch) has to have dental surgery.  I’ve neglected her teeth for ever and now it’s finally caught up with me.  She has two teeth on either side of her jaw that are so badly decayed that one of them has actually broken in half, so she’s getting them both pulled.  The vet suggested that we could do root canal and repair the teeth and then gold cap them; I laughed and then told her to just pull them out to which she agreed.  I appreciated that the vet let me know what my options were, but seriously I wouldn’t even gold cap my own teeth why would I do it for my dog?!  So the lesson learned this week is to brush your pets teeth because beef flavoured tooth paste is a lot cheaper than doggie dental surgery.

Have a nice week everyone!!

Until next Sunday…

~ Linda


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