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Sunday December 5, 2010


Hello everyone!  Yes, it’s been a long time since my last blog post.  The weeks have flown by at warp speed and by the time the weekend comes I just want to do nothing.  Weeks have gone by and my poor camera is sitting in the corner, bagged and abandoned.  I have been busy putting up Christmas decorations, Christmas shopping and Christmas baking.  Now that I am done all my Christmas duties I am ready to enjoy all the hard work it takes to make this season special.

As my project for this year nears its end I am having some bitter/sweet feelings.  I have to be honest, my feelings are little more on the sweeter side than bitter.  I did not realize how much of a commitment this was going to be when I started it on January 1, added with the guilt of not meeting my at first daily and then weekly goals I just started to feel guilty and bad and ultimately giving up.  Everyone tells me that I am too busy for a project like this because I have a big family, but truthfully I really am not that busy, what it came down to was that I just didn’t know what to take pictures of, so I didn’t take pictures at all.  Another sweet part of this project ending is now I can be casual again with my camera and taking pictures “just because”.  When I do take pictures I will definitely share them along with a story here on this blog.  Now for the bitter part; this part is just the reminder that another year has come to an end, and I swear this one has gone by the fastest of all my years.  I always get a little sad this time of year because me and my husband are getting another year older, and our children getting another year older.  I really try very hard to not put too much thought into it and when January comes I set new goals for the year and work hard to try to meet them.

Okay, so this picture that I have included in this blog is of some nutcrackers that I purchased a couple of years ago at my local Zehrs grocery store.  I have all my Christmas decorations out along with a fully trimmed tree and I thought it would be nice to make this my picture for this blog.

I will be blogging again by the end of the month to finish off the project.  After that who knows what comes next!

Until the end of December…

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!  Enjoy your families and your holidays, however you celebrate them.

~ Linda

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