The Conclusion…

Burlington Skyway Bridge

Hi everyone!  Hope you all had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

The new year is well underway now and I have not taken any pictures at all, mostly because there’s nothing to take pictures of.

I’ve learned a few very important lessons from my “picture-a-day” project and I’m going to take the opportunity to explain as best I can in this post.  The most important lesson I learned is that you can’t (or at least I can’t) force photography and have it be great.  That would be having my cake and eating it too and more often than not it doesn’t work.  For me, photography is definitely a hobby, when I say that what I mean is that last year showed me that I don’t have what it takes to do photography for a job, it would drive me crazy to have to sit in a studio and take boring pictures all day of people or things I didn’t care about.   I like taking pictures when I want to, when something particular catches my eye, or I wake up early in the morning with a great picture in mind that I would like to try to create.  I don’t do well with pressure, and pressure is something that I often felt with my project along with guilt.  To harbour such negative feelings while taking pictures it seems that the negativity goes into the photo and when I see it I remember the feelings I experienced.  All in all, not good.  A lot of people suggested that it just wasn’t the right time in my life; young family and lots of responsibilities.  This is all true.  When my husband and I are older, if we are fortunate enough to have the health and the means to travel around the world we both will journal our travels through photography, now that sounds exciting to me, to go to foreign places discovering the world and then bringing back all the pictures to share with family and friends.

At the beginning of this project I said I wanted to “broaden my horizons”, go beyond taking pictures of flowers, and I did!  I took many pictures of many things, some I am proud to say “yes, I took that”.  At the end of all this I still really like taking pictures of flowers, and I will continue to do so.  Everyone has a style, and I just wanted to find out what mine truly is.  Some people like landscape/nature, while others like children, and some like abstract.  I have always said I love macro (close-up) photography, and through this I’d have to say that it is my “style”.  I don’t want to put any labels on myself though.  If something is beautiful to me than I’m going to take a picture of it, regardless of what it is or what style it is.

The picture I posting above was taken in April 2010.  This is the picture that I am most proud to say is mine.  This is the picture that I think broke my boundaries, I showed myself that I was capable of taking a good picture that wasn’t of a flower, or my kids, or my pets.  Out of many favourites, this is one of them.

And so with that I will end this chapter.  I’ve learned, and grown in many ways.  I will take my camera with me when I feel like it, and I will take pictures when I feel like it.  I will keep this blog going so I can share my pictures and adventures with all of you.  Thank you so much for following me and being supportive throughout 2010, I would have given up on it a long time ago if it wasn’t for all of you encouraging me to keep going.

I look forward to 2011 and the adventures it has in store for me and my family!




One thought on “The Conclusion…

  1. I’m a graphic design student at York University, and I would like your permission to use your photo of the burlington skyway bridge for a project I am currently working on. I would be vectorizing the image to create an icon, but your photo would still receive full credit. This is not for profit, just a project. I would need your full name and the year the photo was taken to properly credit it.

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