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Spring is here…

The Super Moon

Spring is finally here, we made it!

On the last official evening of winter this year, we were treated to a “supermoon.”  A moon that was something like 17% bigger, 30% brighter, and only a mere 355 000 kilometers away from our lovely planet, Earth.  Anyone who knows me, knows that I could not resist the photographic opportunity of this rare occurrence.  The last time we way a “supermoon” was in 1993, the next time we’ll see it will the year 2029.  My husband and I packed up the kids along with the tripod and camera, and headed down to the lake to find the perfect spot; one that gave us a good view, and that also sheltered us from the wind.  We found our spot just as the moon had started to crest the horizon, it didn’t take me long to set up and start snapping pictures.  Unfortunately there was a ridge of clouds just above the horizon that the moon did slip behind for about 15 minutes, which of course, felt like hours out in the cold; and then,the moon rose again.  We were trying to think back if the kids had ever seen a moon rise and we couldn’t think of a time that they had, so this made it extra special.  The kids, albeit cold and bored, thought the experience was well worth freezing for.

Now that it’s officially spring, bring on the flowers, sunshine and nice weather.  My crocus’ are up, as are my daffodils.  Happy Spring to all.

~ Linda