Sunday October 10, 2010


Letchworth State Park, NY
Letchworth State Park, NY



Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canadians!  I hope you all have a nice weekend full of eating turkey and potatoes and pie, oh my!!

On Friday the kiddies had a P.A.Day so we grabbed our passports and headed south of the border for some geocaching and sightseeing.  This was the first time our kids have been to the USA so they were pretty excited to see how things are different or the same as Canada.  One thing we all noticed was the amount of American flags there were, on every house, every building, every guard rail post, and even right out in the middle of nowhere.  Americans sure are patriotic, something Canadians only practice when it comes to the Stanley Cup playoffs or the olympics.  We headed over to Letchworth State Park, I got the idea from an old friend of mine from highschool.  She is very much an adventuress, there is nothing she won’t do and no place she won’t go,  she inspires me to get outside and see what the world has to offer.  April, if you’re reading this…thank you for inspiring me to be more adventurous!

So off we went, driving down country roads through quaint little towns clad with American flags and faded swags hanging over the porch railings, I’m guessing left over from Independence Day.  The country side was absolutely breathtaking, rolling hills and valleys with all the warm beautiful colours autumn has to offer.

The picture above is of one of the many waterfalls that Letchworth State Park has to offer.  I can’t wait to make another trip there, the park is so big that there is no way we could have done it all in a day.  We’ve had an awesome weekend and I hope all of you have too.

I am sure I have mentioned it before but I think it’s worth mentioning again; my other hobby is geocaching, it’s fun, adventurous, good exercise and gets your family working on something together, and best of all it’s CHEAP!   If you would like to know more about it go to …all you need is a GPS (not the kind that you suction to the windshield of your car, the other kind), a computer so you can search for the geocaches in the area you’d like to go to, and believe me you’ll be surprised at how many caches there are all over the world, don’t forget to pack a snack and some water because you get hungry fast when your out in the wilderness.

Until next Sunday…



Sunday October 3, 2010

The Hoover Dam

So it’s been over a month since I last blogged.  What can I say?  I have 4 boys, all of whom I had to get ready for the upcoming school year.  A few days after school started my husband of 13 wonderful years and I took our very first trip together, we went to Las Vegas.  We didn’t have a honeymoon and shortly after getting married we welcomed our first of four beautiful boys, we simply have not had the time nor the money to travel.   My husband turned 40 in September and I really wanted to make his 40th extra special, so I booked a trip for 2 to Las Vegas for 4 days, we had a wonderful time.  Las Vegas is a very busy place as well as very hot and very dry.  My husband has always talked about seeing the Hoover Dam so we were sure to book a tour, it’s gargantuan, there are no other words to describe it.  Even though I took pictures you could never begin to grasp how huge it is through a photograph, you have to see it in person.  We had a nice time together and we’re glad that we went, but honestly I don’t think we’ll make a return trip.  We’re looking forward to seeing some other places, and seeing them with our children; we were not even 48 hours into our trip and we desperately missed them.

The photo that is above is of the turbines at the bottom of the Hoover Dam on the Nevada side.  There are 8 turbines here, 9 turbines on the Arizona side.  We were standing on a mezzanine floor over looking this room.  Please take note of the transport truck that is on the floor beside one of the turbines about half way down, if it wasn’t for that truck being there you would have absolutely no clue as to how massive these turbines really are.  The tour was good, except you don’t get to go outside at the bottom of the dam and look up, this was the one part of the tour that we were really looking forward to but unfortunately is not part of the tour.  There are two bronze angel statues at the dam, they represent the first and last man to die whilst working on the dam.  The first man died on December 20, 1922 of drowning while surveying where to put the dam, exactly 13 years to the day his son died while working on the dams construction.  People believe that if you rub the feet of the angels it will bring you good luck.  You can find the picture of one of the angels in my Flickr account in the file titled “September”.

October is here and we have some road trips booked for this month to capture and enjoy the scenery that comes with fall, I am expecting to have many pictures and stories to share with all of you.

Hope everyone is well.

Until next Sunday…

~ Linda

Sunday August 22, 2010

Hi everyone!  First I want to say that there is only 15 days till school starts!  I’m just a little excited about this.  I think the kids have finally gotten to the point now that they are equally excited to get back to school.  As any parent would agree, 2 months is far too long.  I’m sure they will implement all year schooling the year after my youngest son graduates.

I didn’t take any pictures at all this past week.  The kids and I have been just hanging around the house, we did go to Canada’s Wonderland with friends of ours.  We spent the day and had a ton of fun.

Since I didn’t take any pictures this past week I am going to take the opportunity to talk about my other hobby; running.

I downloaded an app for my iPhone that is called Couch to 5K.  It literally takes you from being a couch potato and turns you into a running machine over a 9 week period.  You start the course with a combination of running and walking; actually more walking than running.  Gradually it increases your running time whilst decreasing your walking time.  The goal is that by the end of the 9 week course you are running 5K without any walking.  I will be doing my last run on this course tomorrow…I made it!!!  I can actually run 5K without stopping.  This is very exciting for me as I have always wanted to be a runner but I didn’t think I had it in me; turns out I do.

My friend told me about a race that takes place every December in Burlington.  It’s called Santa Jingle Bell.  It’s a 5K run with all participants wearing Santa Claus suits.  I signed up for it yesterday!!  I’m so excited!!

Although it is optional, I chose to raise money for a charity of my choice.  I chose the Sick Kids Foundation.  Thankfully I have never had to use their services, I have been blessed with very healthy children.  Some children and their families have not been so fortunate.  There has always been a very soft spot in my heart for these families and children who are faced with illnesses and who have to make the Sick Kids Hospital their home.  It absolutely breaks my heart, children should never have to face these obstacles, but unfortunately they do.  So this year when I do my very first race, I’ll be doing it for all the sick kids and their families.  I’ve set up a donation page at the SickKids Foundation website and at the Running Room website (where I signed up for the race) both under my name, where anyone and everyone can sponsor me on my first race.  I will include all the websites at the end of this blog.

This is a great cause to donate to and I’m thrilled to do it.  I’ve explained to my kids what I’m doing and I actually get teary eyed when I talk about how it feels to give, especially to something like this,  and do it purely because you want to.  So if you want to sponsor me follow the links below.  Any amount you have to give is greatly appreciated and I truly thank you.

This is the link to the Santa Jingle Bell race incase you’d like to sign up…

Here is the link to my charity page through The Running Room, you can also just go to the running room website and choose “sponsor and athlete” and then type in my name, or just follow this link…if the links don’t work copy and paste it into you browser’s address bar.

Here is the link for the SickKids Foundation website where you can also sponsor me through…again you can go directly to their website and search for me there.

Hope you all have a beautiful week.

Until next Sunday (I promise to get back to pictures)…


Sunday August 15, 2010

Got Milk?

Hey everyone!!

So I’ll start by saying that the kids and I went to my mom’s farm last week.  They live on a dairy farm 2 hours from where I live and I don’t get there much so I took my camera to take advantage of the different surroundings.  I lived on the farm for a few years and although farm life is not for me I do enjoy the farm animals.  It was nice to get out of the city for the day and head to the country where the air is fresh and the city noise if far behind, we had a great day!  My mom quickly put the boys to work in her garden after making them breakfast.  After picking some weeds we started to collect the bounty from all the hard work over the summer; tomatoes, beans, peas, carrots and onions…delicious!  Thanks for sharing mom!

As we head into the last couple weeks of the summer holidays I find ourselves scrambling to do all the things we had planned for the summer…going to the beach, Canada’s Wonderland, cleaning and purging the house, with only 3 weeks left we’d better get to it.  I’ve probably had the most fun this summer, due in part to my new friendships that I’ve made over the last year and because my boys are not little-little anymore, they are much easier and fun to travel with or just hang out with now.  I can only imagine that summers from here on out are just going to become more fun and adventurous.  For so long I was home with a combination of  babies, toddlers and beyond; trying to keep a group like that happy and entertained is nearly impossible.   I’m finally starting to enjoy summer again.

This Friday Ginger (my pooch) has to have dental surgery.  I’ve neglected her teeth for ever and now it’s finally caught up with me.  She has two teeth on either side of her jaw that are so badly decayed that one of them has actually broken in half, so she’s getting them both pulled.  The vet suggested that we could do root canal and repair the teeth and then gold cap them; I laughed and then told her to just pull them out to which she agreed.  I appreciated that the vet let me know what my options were, but seriously I wouldn’t even gold cap my own teeth why would I do it for my dog?!  So the lesson learned this week is to brush your pets teeth because beef flavoured tooth paste is a lot cheaper than doggie dental surgery.

Have a nice week everyone!!

Until next Sunday…

~ Linda

Sunday August 8, 2010

Is this Alvin, Simon or Theodore?

Wow!!  Two blogs in one week, I’m on a roll.  I had so much fun this morning with my husband and our children.  We went to Starbucks to grab a coffee (adults only) and took the kids to a local park that has a trail that walks along the bay.  I was a beautiful morning, not hot and not cold; perfect.  I brought my camera to take some candid photos of the boys which turned out amazing, I will definitely be printing and putting on the wall.  After we let the boys run around and burn their energy off by running up and rolling down the hills we took to the walking trail to see what we could find.  Luck would have it that there were some very friendly, hungry chipmunks along the path.  I have never in my life come so close to a chipmunk.  We came across a man with his two kids, I took pictures of the chipmunk the was eating right out of the little girls hand, we asked for his email address so I could mail him the pictures.  There were at least 10 of them running all around, the kids loved it.  It’s times like today that I wish I had two cameras; one with a regular lens and one with a zoom lens.  I always seem to need the lens that is not currently attached to my camera and therefore I lose the shot in the time it takes me to switch lenses, frustrating.  Perhaps one day I’ll upgrade to a bigger camera and my husband and I can each have a camera with a multitude of lenses, then we’ll be ready for anything that comes our way.

All in all I think I had a productive week with my camera, I will of course load the pictures on to Flickr for your viewing pleasure.   This coming week the kids and I will head out for a day trip to my moms dairy farm where they will have a chance to feed some calves and raid grandma’s garden.  I may need a bigger memory card!

Only 30 days till school starts…

Have a wonderful week!

~ Linda

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Sunday August 1, 2010


Hi everyone, it’s Thursday and I’m only writing my blog now.

The kids are done camp, July was a fantastic month for both them and me.  The kids are home now and the days are long and very hot and therefore boredom is at its peak.  The shelves at Wal-Mart are stocked full of school supplies and it’s just a matter of time now before my all-time favourite commercial hits the television set.  Any parent who has school aged children knows what commercial I’m talking about; Staples (It’s the most wonderful time of the year)!!!  Before we know it it’ll be the first day of school, but what to do until then?

My husband called me excited on his drive home one day last week because a field of sunflowers was in full bloom, the sun was bright, the sky was blue and the side of the road was packed with people taking pictures with everything from cell phones, point and shoot cameras to full on paparazzi lenses and tripods.  I made my way out there two days later to find that a lot of the sunflowers had already wilted, I’m assuming due to the extreme temperatures we’ve been experiencing.  I did manage to get a few good shots though.

I haven’t taken any pictures yet this week, I will come up with something before the weekend.  Next week I’d like to head to my mom’s farm with the kids.  Plenty of fantastic photo opportunities not only at the farm but also on the drive up there.  Weather permitting, that will be the plan.

Hope everyone is well.

Until Sunday…

~ Linda

Sunday July 25, 2010

Screaming Tunnels

Hello everyone!

This blog will sum up the last 2 weeks and where I’m at now.  My kids have been in camp for the month of July, it’s been nice having that extra break from them and you would think that I’d be taking advantage of the time alone by heading out on adventures with my camera; truth is, I’m think I’m done with the “photo-a-day”.  It’s not that I’m quitting the project or that I’m done taking pictures, I fully intend to still take pictures only I’m going to take pictures when I feel inspired to do so.  Taking pictures has been a chore for me with this project and when I go to bed at night, every night, without having taken a picture I feel guilty.  This is no way to be doing this kind of project.  I want to look back on these pictures and feel good about the places I’d been, the lessons I’ve learned and the things I saw, I do not want to look back at these in the future and feel guilty and beat myself up about not completing the project in the way I intended.  I will continue to blog every week and I will from now on take pictures because I want to NOT because I have to.  I’m not at the point in my life where I can take an interesting picture everyday.  The reality is, I’m a busy mom of 4 and at this point in my life I don’t have the time to drive all over the country looking for fun and interesting things to take pictures of.  So, like I said…I will continue to take pictures but from now on it’s going to be because I want to and if that means I get one picture a week or 10 pictures a week then so be it.  The lesson I’ve learned through all this is that this kind of project is better for someone who has lots and lots of time and will stop at nothing to get awesome pictures everyday, that is not me, not right now anyway.   I am looking forward to taking pictures again but under different circumstances.

Okay, on to the picture I’ve included in today’s blog.  It’s been a quiet weekend and so we piled the kids in the car and headed out for a drive to the Niagara Region.  This little spot is really creepy, it’s called “The Screaming Tunnels”.  The story as it’s told is of screams that can be heard if you light a wooden match while standing in the middle of the tunnel after that the match will be immediately extinguished.  Where this legend comes from is unknown although it has been passed down from generations past but one fact still remains; someone met their untimely demise in this cold empty tunnel. To be there is very eerie even if I’d never heard the story of it.  If you’d like to see it for yourself it’s in Niagara Falls, Ontario, east of the city on Warner Road at the very end of the dead-end.

I hope everyone is well and enjoying this very beautiful hot summer we’ve been having.  Only 43 days till school starts and 152 days till Christmas.

Until next Sunday…

~ Linda

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